Sweet Suburbian Blues

by Dawson Rhodes

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Here's some new jams for you all! I hope you all enjoy them a whole lot! These songs were written between May 2015 to November 2016. They'll make you dance, cry, laugh, fist-pump. Enjoy!


released March 3, 2017

All songs written by Dawson Rhodes except "Distance Pt II" and "Drifter" written by Dawson Rhodes and Isaiah Fredrick

All songs produced by Dawson Rhodes and Max Adam except "Dischord in a Major Key", "Distance Pt II", and "Drifter" produced by Dawson Rhodes and Isaiah Fredrick

All songs were recorded with a Martin GPCPA4 Acoustic-Electric Guitar and a Blue Snowball

Drums on "Hollywood Sign" were recorded on a drum set...

Electric Guitar on "Hollywood Sign" and "I Can't Unlove You" were recorded on a cheap Stratocaster copy plugged into a Crate 15 watt amp

Background Vocals on Dischord courtesy of Haiasi

Photography by Baby Berd and Wilma Mac

Modeling by EA

Whole Foods and Waffle House did not endorse this album...but if they did, that'd been cool

In fact, no one endorsed this album

Except for my mom....thanks mom



all rights reserved


Dawson Rhodes Montgomery, Alabama

Singer- Songwriter/Multi-Instrumentalist from the great state of Alabama.

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Track Name: The Hollywood Sign
When you were a child, we would sit around the house like we didn't know what was innocent
But we still snuck around all the electric fences that held us together
While your parents knew that you had found love inside a casting call for thieves
But I'm bad with surrender because you held me for ransom with my hands tied behind my back

I don't have the time to say that I'm not sorry
But now that you have left the perfect picture
I'm done with apologies that start out empty
While you are waiting

The Hollywood sign was where we made out in the trunk of your car or maybe it was the hatchback
But then your boyfriend stopped by and he was wondering if all we were was just friends
And now we sit at the table for 4 with our egos ordering from the menu
While we sit silent and stare at the ground trying to not become breathless

I don't have the time to say that I'm not sorry
But now that you have left the perfect picture
I'm done with apologies that start out empty
While you are waiting
And when you stop and think about tomorrow
The night time will sneak up and try to haunt you
While you were asleep behind the wheel of a semi
Detached and disabled

People will try to hide their flaws
But I'm bad with saying that I'm wrong
When this whole world makes my head spin
You will never forget the taste
Track Name: Waiting for You to Stay
Watching TV on the couch until 4:52
The definition of being alone is living without you
And the weed in your back pocket tells me you're not going to bed
All this anxiety and fear couldn't all just be in my head

I've burned all my calendars because I've stopped counting down the days
Because I'm catching myself waiting for you to stay

Lighting the fireplace and listening to George Jones
And the wine spills over when I run to answer the phone
You tear your dress at the hem when you trip and fall
Who knew that this is one one shot before last call

I've stopped the clocks because the time seems to slip away
And I'm done with saying that I'm waiting for you to stay

Bless me if you can with your presence and your touch
And stop your philosophical jargon because it's starting to not mean much
Oh, sweet cherry blossoms and talcum where you rest your head
Who knew I signed up for loneliness when you left this empty bed
Track Name: The Troubadour's Blues
This interstate ain't getting any shorter
And the blue sky's burning orange soon
It's just looking for the exits and state lines
Then piling in to hotel rooms

I'll call you when I reach Georgia
But I'm stuck in Alabam
And I'll see you again when I reach Nashville
But till then I guess you've got an empty bed

I'm tired of this gas station coffee
But it's the cheapest I can find
And I couldn't go to sleep cause I was dreaming of you
So it's back to the right side of the lines

I've been searching the radio
For a song to remind me of you
And when I find it I'm gonna sing every single word I can
Till I can finally prove that my aim is true

It's getting cold here in Atlanta
Without the warmth of your smile
But I'll be home soon but it may take a while
Just remember don't give up on me now

Oh baby please don't give up on me now
Track Name: Dischord in a Major Key
I kept your picture in my wallet
When it fell off the dashboard
It was a reflection of a time
That we won't forget when we're old
And I still remember the donut shop
On that breezy April night
The drive thru was backed up to the highway
But you still wouldn't let me live it down

And I always thought that maybe we would grow old together
But you cut your ties and sewed your emotions where they were severed

You still have my t-shirt in your closet
From when you stayed the night
I fell asleep on the couch
After I carried you to my mattress
You woke up with a headache
And you said it must've been the alcohol
I cooked pancakes for breakfast
And what happened next we don't remember at all

20 years from now we'll see each other at a whole foods
You'll have a few kids dead beat jobs while I'm struggling to find my roots
It's so crazy to think how I could never be myself
But when I was holding you in my arms was all the world's wealth
So if you ever hear my songs on the radio
Just know that my love for you was never a joke
I'll skip the class reunion just to avoid the blame
But only because of the tears on your face
Track Name: Good Old Days
Something tells me that you don't want to be in love
But someone must tell you that I don't want to be alone
My last hope is forever in the blue sky
While my nightmares are at home

And if I saw you sitting at the bar at the diner
Would you let me sit next to you or would you make me ponder
On all the anxieties that scared you away
Or would we laugh and reminisce on the good old days

I'm not sure if you wanted to be friends
But I just want to be with you
And in the night I want to feel your skin next to mine
Yet, I'm not settling for the truth

And if I could drive the interstate home from Nashville
I would keep driving straight to your house and give myself the thrill
Of seeing the dusk turn to night and the dark become day
Damn, do you ever miss the good old days

Because, I'm still wanting to wake up next to you
But I'm stuck singing songs about the problems of my youth
Would you drive to my house and not hesitate to stay
Or would you sneak out the door just like in the good old days
Track Name: I Can't Unlove You
Oh sweet love of mine
Why did we wait till the end of time
When we were at the edge of the rope
Did we even think we couldn't go afloat

Where the waters edge comes to the sand
It all could just be part of a plan

Now that we're older than we used to be
The shallow end of this emotion doesn't seem so deep
Cause I was drowning myself when it comes to the truth
That it seems to me that I can't unlove you

If I'm being honest with you
Its not what we never said, it's what we didn't do
I've been driving myself crazy ever since you've gone
When it was nobody's fault all along